Facing Ereshkigal – Bibi’s Life Changing Encounter with a Sumerian Goddess

Bibi was born in Chicago. Attempts by her parents and teachers to turn her into a lady failed utterly. At a loss, her mother enrolled her in an acting class when she was six. She pursued this vocation until 2012. Along that road, she read every original spiritual text she could get her hands on, was given a rose by Jerry Garcia, was an executive housewife, had two daughters, became a Guru devotee, and ended up as the Guest of Honor at the Taos Pueblo on her 40th birthday.

In 2011, the world of the Elementals began to communicate with her and told her to get a camera. She is now a photographer (macros of stones and crystals as well as hummingbirds who frequent her garden in Los Angeles, a blogger, and a storyteller. Join us as we explore her interesting encounters.

Bibi’s Website: https://thebibiblog.com/

Bibi’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIQszTYTSeif_0O_1Uqx7Q

Intro and Outro music are from my own music project, V~Nessy.

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Vanessa is a witch, a musician, a dabbler and all around creative type from Ohio with a deep fascination with all things weird, magical, fortian, esoteric and occult. She is a Sumerian reconstructing. She is currently writing a book about practicing Sumerian magick.

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