Vanessa's Ramblings

Who Am I?

In response to the prompt “Who are you? Answer without a name, a job or nationality.” I wrote this little passage which I was particularly proud of and felt bore repeating here. I feel this is a far more accurate portrayal of who I am than any of the superficial boxes people generally put each other in.

I am she who is a light unto those who she can be. I am she who is not perfect but seeks always to improve. I am she who knows many things, but seeks ever to learn more. I am she who is lover to some, family to some, friend to others and odd stranger to many. I am she who channels the ancient ones and listens to their secrets. I am she who delights in the changing of seasons but complains about the weather. I am lover of animals. I am she who sings to the owls. I am she who hugs the trees. I am she who pets the bushes and grasses like they are a puppy. I am she who loves learning. I am she who reads many books and collects many more. I am she who creates many things. I am she. I am. I am me.


Vanessa is a witch, a musician, a dabbler and all around creative type from Ohio with a deep fascination with all things weird, magical, fortian, esoteric and occult. She is a Sumerian reconstructing. She is currently writing a book about practicing Sumerian magick.

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